Alix Strauss

Alix's published articles

In the ten years that Alix has been working for magazines and newspapers,
she has written over 350 articles. These are some recent highlights.

The New York Times

Hello, Day Spa? This Order Is for Delivery
Got Crow's-Feet? Call the Downward Dog
Room Service, Draw Me a Bath
Stop, Look and (Even) Listen
What Bright Effects You Have
Dinner Reservations? Speak to My Hair Stylist
The Smile Boutique in the Dentist's Office
Bring On the Tiny Purse
This Beer's for You (or Maybe This One)
A Night Out with Carrie Fisher
A Night Out with Kathleen Turner and Charles Busch

Crain's New York

Eco-Architect Finds Home
Emmy Winning Apartment
Condo Scores Major-League Hit
Spa Treatment? Try Your Office
One Deal, Straight Up

Marie Claire

Sex on the First Date
What Can a Beauty Get Away With?
How Often Do You Get Asked Out?


Wine and a Movie

Time Magazine


Daily News

Star Treatment
Wine Fest Boasts Attractive Choices
When It Comes To Makeup, Smaller Is Sexy
Celebs Find Healthy Haven


Louis Vuitton Trunks: A Look Back
Private Islands


Liquid Assets


Viggo Mortensen
Dominick Dunne
Melissa Joan Hart
Patricia Heaton and David Hunt
Kristin Chenoweth


Orgasm School: A Hands On Experience

Time Out New York

Gilt By Association


Mixing It Up